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CIT 0002E - Procedure and process

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CIT 0002E - Procedure and process

1. Fill the form CIT0002E

2. Read the application guide

3. Complete the application form

4. Mail the application form and documents

5. Once application approved, applicant must take test or interview

6. Finally take the oath of citizenship at a citizenship ceremony

  • Once CIC starts processing the applicants case, they will send a notice confirming that they have received the application for Canadian citizenship.

They will also send a copy of the study guide Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. Applicant must study the guide carefully as he /she will need to know the information in it for the citizenship test.

  • CIC will then send the applicant a notice giving the time and date for the test.

The test may be written or oral. CIS will decide whether the test will be written or oral based on a number of factors. For example, if the applicant has trouble reading and writing in English or French, he/she will have an oral test. Oral tests are done through an interview with a citizenship judge.

  • Applicant then must appear for the test

If the applicant passes the test and the citizenship judge determines that he/she meets all the other requirements for citizenship, the applicant will be invited to a citizenship ceremony. During that ceremony, the applicane will take the oath of citizenship and receive a certificate of Canadian citizenship.

If the applicant do not pass the written test, CIC will send a notice telling the applicant to appear for an interview (30 to 90 minutes) with a citizenship judge. At that interview, the judge will ask the applicant the test questions orally to give the applicant another opportunity to demonstrate that he/she meets all the requirements of citizenship (including knowledge and language).

  • Applicant must appear for Oath Ceremony

The citizenship oath ceremony is the final step in becoming a Canadian citizen. If the applicant's case is approved, the applicant will be notified to appear at a Swearing-In Ceremony, where the applicant will receive the Citizenship Certificate and become a citizen of Canada.

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